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Taylor, Shenani, Lunchbox
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

Hello there friends, you can call me any of the names listed above. I hope you enjoy...whatever this page is.

Favourite cartoon character: Rigby, Randy Pincherson, Homestar Runner, Pizza Steve, etc.
Personal Quote: "Be yourself, and you'll know yourself."
stolen from :iconjonathan-elrod:

name: taylor
age: 17
gender: female
sexual orientation: straight
height: 5'4" (i'm reeeeally short)
hair color: brown
favorite feature: my eyelashes (its odd but i have really long ones and i like them) 

home life
parent's marital status?: married
state/area you live in: good ol' texas (sarcastically of course)
what does your room look like?:  more cluttered than the richland mall on black friday
favorite food: anything egg related
when do you usually go to sleep?: when my tv stops showing good late night shows (when school is open its at 10 pm)
when do you usually wake up?: around noon (when school is open its 6:20 am)

right now…
listening to?: video game music
eating: nothin
wearing: an old regular show t-shirt and black shorts
talking to: no one
feeling: drained
happy about?: getting tomodachi life tomorrow
sad about?: nothing

song: anything in my feel good playlist
person: any of my good friends
member of your family: my parents i guess, cuz i dont talk to many others in my family
animal: owls
thing to wear: t-shirt and jeans 
day of the week: saturday
thing to do: stay home
drink: water
thing about yourself: hmm idk
thing to talk about: fandoms and characters (fan and/or canon)

love life
single or taken?: single
crushing currently?: not on anyone i know
longest crush you've ever had?: i dont think ive ever had a real crush??
first kiss?: none (ive never dated :P)
last person you kissed?: my mom (on the cheek of course)
describe your crush: still dont got one
does your crush know you like them (if applicable): if i had one they probably would never know

have you ever…?
bungee jumped: do the bungee jumps in malls count? the ones that are for sissies that dont want to do the real thing (aka me)
gone skinny dipping: ew no
smoked: nop
drank: nop
done drugs: nop
self harmed: nop (this is kind of a personal question to ask too, whoever made this meme probably shouldnt ask that)
cried of joy: no
been to the beach: yea and its always windy when i do B(
skipped school: iiiii think?? i cant remember but it was only cuz my parents had an excuse for me not to go, i'd never have the guts to do it on my own
been suspended or expelled: no
been on TV: when i was a baby, i was on one of those "is it hot enough for ya?" segments on old news shows
made someone cry: yeah but not recently, it was a long time ago and a mistake (it was for something stupid too but i was just a kid)
fallen in love: nope
  • Mood: Tired
  • Watching: funny mario kart 8 videos
  • Drinking: water

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Hello there! How are you today?
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I'm doing pretty alright for now. Are you alright?
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I'm am really good!
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Thats good to hear! ^v^
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thanks for the fav :)
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